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Field & Franz: Airoso

airosoAiroso, the new recording from Hilary Field and Gwen Franz, captures the expressive sonority of viola and classical guitar.

From the grace and elegance of the Baroque masters, to the fiery rhythms of Latin American tangos, sambas and choros, Airoso features new arrangements and lyrical contemporary compositions.


This new CD, due to be released April 2013, includes music by Piazzolla, Machado, Cumplido, Telemann, Bach, and Marchelie, as well as the world premiere recording of Jorge Morel's "Homage to a Dance" for solo guitar.

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Hilary Field:

Solo Recordings

franz&fieldMusic of Spain & Latin America
Description coming soon.



franz&fieldBallad Stories
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Recordings w/Patrice O'Neill

franz&fieldSiente: Night Songs from Around the World

Lullabies are love songs sung to children and passed on through generations. In this collection, some lyrics are in their native languages and dialects, some are in English, and some songs are presented without words as instrumentals. Some lyrics are simply comfort sounds that do not have an English translation. As the songs are passed down and shared through time, personal variations in the music and words develop. We hope that these beautiful melodies bring a sense of calm and peace to listeners of all ages. - Hilary & Patrice


franz&fieldCantilena: Night Songs from Around the World
Cantilena, the new release by classical guitarist Hilary Field and vocalist Patrice O’Neill, offers an evocative palette of night songs and lullabies from around the world. The lyrical and dynamic beauty of this music spans the globe from Ireland, Sweden, Argentina, Romania, Japan, and beyond. This follow up to the multi award winning "Siente: Night Songs from Around the World," also features the virtuoso acoustic duo Mike Marshall & Darol Anger, Grammy award winning English hornist Nancy Rumbel, as well as principal musicians from the Seattle Symphony orchestra. This album of music from world traditions and classical masters transcends generations, lending a blanket of calm in an often busy world.

Patrice O'Neill:

Solo Recordings

Singer/Songwriter Patrice O'Neill has two award-winning lullaby releases, Siente: Night Songs from Around the World and Cantilena: Night Songs from Around the World, a release with Mel Cooleys, and a new recording (The Grim Parade) with her group, Uncle Bonsai She's everywhere! Elusive is first studio recording from singer/songwriter Patrice O'Neill and features 11 original songs.

franz&fieldfranz&fieldThe Grim Parad


Some Quotes

"Field is a dynamic player. She doesn't just recite what can often be complex work, but imbues it with fire and grace."
- Seattle Times

Gwen Franz's sound has an extraordinary dark beauty to it that beautifully complements the excellent guitar work from Hilary Field."
- Dave Beck, KUOW

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