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From The KUOW Performance Studio: Preserving Brazil's Choro Heritage

The music of Brazil is rich, varied and an appealing mix of moods, melodies and rhythms reflecting the country's diverse population and geography. The sounds of European explorers, African immigrants and indigenous people are all part of Brazil's musical heritage. That variety draws musicians of all backgrounds and interests into Brazilian music.

That's the case with Seattle artist Gwen Franz — she plays violin and viola — and guitarist Hilary Field. They are presented this weekend by the Ladies Musical Club of Seattle in a concert on Saturday, October 1 at the Frye Art Museum. Gwen and Hilary stopped by the KUOW Performance Studio recently to play and talk about old and new Brazilian music that they are performing. Much of the music they play is in the Brazilian Choro, or street music, tradition. Gwen and Hilary play music composed in 2010 by the contemporary Brazilian composer Douglas Lora, and they perform works by Brazil's most famous composer, Heitor Villa–Lobos.
Gwen Franz and Hilary Field speak with KUOW's Dave Beck.

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Hilary Field:

Some Reviews

"Field is one of a growing number of gifted women gaining prominence in the classical guitar world.....Field displays sensitive musicianship, solid technique, and a burnished tone. Her premier of Morel's "Berceuse" alone is worth the price of the album.
- Acoustic Guitar

"Field is a dynamic player. She doesn't just recite what can often be complex work, but imbues it with fire and grace."
- The Seattle Times

"Field plays all of this splendidly, and the locally produced recording is appropriately intimate and tasteful. A hometown triumph all around."
- The Seattle Weekl

"While many classical guitarists play all the right notes in a dutiful manner, Field's playing contains an emotional depth that reaches the heart of this music."
- Victory Music

"Like the debut recording, Ballad Stories is a technically seamless recording of an instrumental virtuoso playing beautiful music. That combination has resulted in a collection of exquisite instrumental music. It is beyond my ability to find fault in any aspect of this production, which is certain to make Field again a contender for national music awards.
- South Sound Sounds

"With the experience and skill she brings to this recording, Music of Spain and Latin America is a remarkable first outing for Hilary Field. It serves notice that the Northwest has yet another musical success to claim, and makes one anticipate her future recordings."
- Platter Chatter

"Refinement, expression, and a graceful performance are all captured in this fine recording of a uniquely talented and well-studied guitarist."
- Seattle Showcase


Gwen Franz:

Some Reviews




Patrice O'Neill:

Some Reviews



Some Quotes

"Field is a dynamic player. She doesn't just recite what can often be complex work, but imbues it with fire and grace."
- Seattle Times

Gwen Franz's sound has an extraordinary dark beauty to it that beautifully complements the excellent guitar work from Hilary Field."
- Dave Beck, KUOW

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